Creating sensory accessibility and inclusion for all

The S3: Sensory Support Space is a community initiative between The Loud And Live Foundation and the Office of Miami-Dade District 7 Commissioner Raquel Regalado.

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Sensory Support Space is a fully equipped and self-contained mobile station, encompassing all the essential features found in traditional brick-and-mortar sensory rooms. Whether it’s outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, or indoor gatherings like exhibitions and conferences, the S3: Sensory Support Space ensures that everyone can fully immerse themselves in the event experience.


Loud And Live Foundation

A catalyst for community enrichment, Loud And Live harnesses the power of live events to foster meaningful change. With a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment, the Foundation spearheads initiatives like the S3: Sensory Support Space, ensuring every event is an opportunity for all to engage and celebrate together.


Commissioner Raquel Regalado:

A voice for the voiceless, Commissioner Regalado's advocacy for autism acceptance shines through her policy work and personal commitment to inclusivity. Her leadership has been instrumental in designating the rainbow infinity sign as the official symbol for Autism Acceptance Month in Miami-Dade County.


Sensory Accessibility for All

The S3 station is a portable sanctuary with features like adjustable LED lighting, AAC devices, and sensory activities, designed to provide comfort and support for individuals with sensory needs, allowing them to experience events to the fullest.


S3: Sensory Support Space

This mobile station is a tranquil oasis at lively events, providing a sensory-friendly environment for individuals with autism and sensory processing disorders. Embracing the diversity of our community, the S3 ensures that sensory challenges are no barrier to enjoying and participating in our vibrant event scene.


Join the Movement

Contribute to a world of inclusion with the S3: Sensory Support Space. Host the mobile station at your event and be part of the initiative that welcomes everyone. Learn more and get involved by visiting our social page XXX.

As the father of a child with autism, attending any event is a gamble. But with the S3 station, we know there's a safe and welcoming space for him. It's an initiative that has changed how we experience events together.

Jason Durban

Bright lights and loud sounds used to overwhelm me, keeping me away from events. Thanks to the S3 Sensory Support Space, I can now take a break when needed and truly enjoy going out.

Seans Gulit

Finding an environment that respects my sensory needs is rare. The S3 is a sanctuary that allows me to recharge and continue enjoying my day. It's a blessing to have it available at public events.

Lorea Kurt

How it came to life
Loud and Live Foundation

Our mission is to make a positive change and leave an indelible impact on the local and national communities we serve. We are passionate and committed to leveraging our resources, influence and capabilities to support and foster meaningful & sustainable change across the communities we are deeply connected with. Through strategic partnerships, contributions and impactful initiatives, we aim to inspire, empower, and enrich lives, making a meaningful and lasting difference to those most in need across our communities.

In 2024, we are expanding our commitment to the local community by providing a therapeutic sensory respite for individuals with autism and sensory processing disorder (SPD) at outdoor events in South Florida. 


Quick Questions

Your comfort and enjoyment are our top priorities at our events. We understand you might have questions about the S3: Sensory Support Space. Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions to help you plan your visit and make the most of your experience with us

The S3: Sensory Support Space is a mobile station designed to provide a calming environment for individuals with sensory processing sensitivities. It offers a range of sensory-friendly features to ensure a comfortable experience at large-scale events.

The S3 station is available for all event attendees who might need a quiet space to regroup. It's particularly beneficial for individuals with autism, PTSD, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, and sensory processing disorders.

The location of the S3 station will be clearly marked on event maps, and our staff can also direct you to its location. Look for the designated signs or inquire at any information booth.